Adriana de Barros, also known as “The Tattoo Journalist,” is a Portuguese-Canadian writer, art historian, and photographer who has covered the arts for over two decades.

De Barros is the founding editor of Scene360, an online magazine specializing in tattoo documentation, and a Webby Award winner of the “Best Art” initiative in 2015. Despite her interest in painting and sculpture, she prefers to chronicle tattooing because this ancient practice has historically experienced peaks and valleys. She is committed to educating and connecting this craft with more galleries and museums in an attempt for it to gain recognition and assist in its classification as fine art.

De Barros is the author of the print series “Ta’too.” She has also written for Raking Light Projects, Orion Publishing Group, and other book publishers. In addition to Tattoo Kulture, Skin Art, Olinjär, Total Tattoo, Tattoo Life, Skin & Ink, Reinventing The Tattoo, Inked, Tattoo Revue, Inkers, Skin Deep, and Ladies of Tattooing Worldwide magazines.


Shane tan's bodysuits

A talk with Singaporean Shane Tan about his incredible bodysuits

An interview with Chicano tattoo legend Freddy Negrete at Shamrock

An interview with black-and-grey tattoo legend Freddy Negrete

Paul Booth portrait by Paolo Duran

Paul Booth in a forthcoming interview with Gore magazine

Q&A with American legend Charlie Cartwright for Total Tattoo magazine

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Featured Artists:

Charlie Cartwright
Pinky Yun
Henning Jørgensen
Freddy Negrete
Kari Barba
Freddy Corbin
Fip Buchanan
Takahiro Kitamura
Paul Booth
Chris Garver
Shane Tan
Mike Cole
Kenji Alucky

Eddy Reyes Sr
Gerhard Wiesbeck
Carlos Torres
Julian Siebert
Teresa Sharpe
Mo Ganji
Chaim Machlev
Paul Talbot
Ami James
Norm Love Letters
Michela Bottin
Mirko Sata
Alexis Vaatete
Nikko Hurtado
Ryan A. Malarkey
Tommy Montoya
Michael Taguet
Jimmy Shy
Yanina Viland
Yashka Steiner

Brando Chiesa
Oscar Hove
Mr K
Silvano Fiato
Adriaan Machete
Otto D’Ambra
Kirk Nilsen
Alle Tattoo
Ilya Cascad
Alexandre Abreu
Ilya Kuznetsov
Filip Henningsson
Alberto Solposto
Rit Kit
Julim Rosa
Mauro Amaral
Jelle Poksflok
Ivana Belakova
Frederico Rabelo
Daniela Sagel
Ian Damien
El Nawal
Delphin Musquet
Dave Lao


Photoshoot of Freddy Corbin at Temple Tattoo studio in Oakland

Tattooist Michela Bottin at the Golden State Expo

Event Photography at Seventh Son’s Art Show

Nighttime shot of 111 Minna Gallery

Releases & Booklets

The creation of the press release for Raking Light Projects’ “Deity”

The creation of the press release for Raking Light Projects’ “Deity”

tattoo playing cards

Laurence King’s Playing Cards Booklet Tattoo History Writing

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